Your Home is Your Sanctuary

Sorting through and tossing out years of old magazines in my latest attempt to cleanse my home and mind of excess baggage, the torn pages of “eye candy” I have collected have given me some clarity on how I want my home to “feel.”  Over two decades I have filed away or given to clients favorite vignettes from Veranda, Southern Living, Cottage Living, House Beautiful, Traditional Home & Sunset magazines.  The photos all share similar elements: neutral colors, natural fabrics (lots of sisal, linen and cotton) and a comfortable,  wrinkled, un-staged feel. Each room has a piece with some considerable age to it. My dream kitchen is utilitarian with plenty of space for friends to gather and sit without being underfoot; while my master bath aspirations are more luxurious (so I can feel like I am at the Wynn or Ritz Carlton every day!) Your design choices should enhance your life  – so have your home work for you – not vice versa. Formal dining rooms can be a waste of space so assign that room two jobs – and let it be your welcoming “library” as well. Create surroundings that reflect how you want to feel when you are in them. Take your furniture outdoors and so what if it fades? When I am home I want to relax, put my feet up on the furniture and look outdoors, and I want my guests to do the same. You may want to feel stylish or chic and entertain with flair! No matter your style…your home is your sanctuary and the choices you make will hopefully invite you to create, retreat, luxuriate…

About Bonnie Gausewitz

Rather than acting as a "sales person" I take an advisory approach to assisting clients who are considering selling their home or buying a new home. Having actively worked as a real estate professional for over 25 years, and being fortunate enough to have lived in North Tustin since 1968, I consider it an honor when clients trust me to assist them during such an important transition period in their lives.

2 thoughts on “Your Home is Your Sanctuary

  1. Thanks for the reminder… Sometimes it is really hard to keep up with your house and decorating and stuff. I think we all wish to have a sanctuary to come home to, but sometimes the busybuzz of life takes over and clutter reigns. Clutter is the biggest enemy of a sanctuary!

  2. Hi Oscar,

    I am just getting engaged with my blog so please accept my apologies for not responding. I could not agree with you more! Clutter is so distracting that it inhibits my ability to completely relax. I love big baskets stacked on shelves with hand-written tags. Sort and toss the clutter into the baskets and if they don’t get taken down off the shelf for over a year, much like the unworn clothing in our closets, it needs a new home. Take the contents to your local Salvation Army or Assistance League Thrift shop and make someone else happy. “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I volunteer at a thrift shop so I have seen this first hand!

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