North Tustin Housing Prices

I was pleasantly surprised today when I went to meet an appraiser on a home I had sold. To establish value I need to bring him/her recent sales. There were over 20 sales since January asking for $850,000 – $1,100,000 in North Tustin. Yes, prices are down but our area continues to be an extremely desirable place to live. Why? I believe it is the schools, larger lot sized and overall community “feel”. We love our kids, aren’t about impressing anyone and love the outdoors. The school fields are full of parents seemingly all weekend, every weekend and it is such a joy to see!
As far as North Tustin real estate values – the current average price per square foot ranges from roughly $300 – $400. If the price exceeds that is is all about LOCATION, condition of the home and lot size.

Anyway, enough of real estate matters. We have Tustin Tiller Days coming up next weekend so mark your calendars. It runs from Friday through Sunday, October 2nd – 4th and is on the Columbus Tustin Middle School field on the corner of Irvine and Prospect. There are rides, booths, bands and lots of food! Come support your Tustin community, see friends…and don’t miss our wonderful, old-fashioned parade on Saturday morning!

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